2009 –> Final Bow in BC

les poules
les poules
derome/tanguay duo
derome/tanguay duo

ZULA Presents


Friday, March 6
Roxy Theatre

Saturday, March 7
Joe King Clubhouse


Sunday, March 8
Gumboot Cafe

(The Roberts Creek concert co-presented with LABORATORIO)

Concerts begin at 8 pm

(Please note the Daylight Savings Time change as of Sunday, March 8th… so, spring forward, Roberts Creek!)

Admission $15 (reservations encouraged via email hey@zula.ca or phone 250.247.7123 until March 6 at noon).   For the Gabriola concert, space can be reserved and purchased in advance at Artworks.

  • Joane Hétu (alto sax, voice)

  • Diane Labrosse (voice, accordion, digital sampler)

  • Danielle Palardy Roger (drums, percussion)

  • Jean Derome (saxophones, flute, various toys)

  • Pierre Tanguay (drums, percussion, voice)

Trio Les Poules (Joane Hétu, Diane Labrosse, and Danielle Palardy Roger) and the duo of Jean Derome and Pierre Tanguay, all established artists in the international network of composer performers and improvisors whose sonic experiments with extended instrument techniques, sampling and musique actuelle give a dynamic take on collaborative composition. Their concerts cite unstructured rock, fragmented jazz, splintered songs, reinvented traditions, bruitist environments, improvisation, the blending of acoustic and electroacoustic instruments and new ensemble music.


Les Poules & Derome/Tanguay Duo also play VICTORIA, hosted by & at Open Space on Wednesday, March 11th.


The eleven piece from Quebec, the behemoth Ensemble SuperMusique (which includes the above 5 artists) will play VANCOUVER’s Scotiabank Dance Centre on Thursday, March 12th.

(A huge thank you goes out to Giorgio Magnanensi & Vancouver New Music for inviting these fine artists out here from Quebec!)


LES POULES is a trio made up of Joane Hétu, Diane Labrosse, and Danielle Palardy Roger, all instrumentalist-composer-improvisers who have been working together since 1980. Their collaboration is legendary, their musical explorations always avant-garde. They mix up synthetic and acoustic sounds, the crackling and humming of samplers, the churning and chafing of percussion, vocalization and mouth play and hissing of saxophones. The effect of these mixtures and soundscapes is extraordinary. They weave a fabric of sound with instrumental threads often difficult to distinguish by the listener.

After a prolonged absence, Les Poules returned to life in 2000, presenting a concert in the series View from the Front at the Western Front in Vancouver. Since then, they took part in many series and festivals: Festival des musique insolentes in Lorgues, Festival des musiques libres in Besançon (France); Festival LEM in Barcelona (Spain); Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival in St Petersbourg (Russie). With their new repertoire, Phoenix, Les Poules present a nuanced ambient music, filled with images, audacity, authenticity, abstractions and melodies.


Jean Derome

DEROME / TANGUAY DUO present their project Plinc! Plonc! Jean Derome and Pierre Tanguay — two masters of improvisation, two maniacs of music, two crackpots of invention — seem to be doing absolutely everything in this plink-plonk festival short of getting up and dancing to their own music.   A significant and essential testimony about improvised music and the joy Jean Derome and Pierre Tanguay experience when playing together.

Pierre Tanguay
Pierre Tanguay

Jean Derome: http://www.supermusique.qc.ca/en/artistes/derome_je/

Pierre Tanguay: http://www.supermusique.qc.ca/en/artistes/tanguay_pi/

The Roberts Creek concert will have an additional component of local improvising greats joining in:

Viviane Houle – voice, Giorgio Magnanensi – electronics, Stefan Smulovitz – viola, laptop and Graham Ord saxophone!

For more information, please contact Cem Zafir at Zula Presents at 250.247.7123 or email hey at zula dot ca.

Feel free to visit http://www.supermusique.qc.ca for more history, audio and video on these artists.

If you can’t make it to the concerts, but know of people in the area who may want to, please pass on this page…



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