4) June 18 –> Sunday Afternoon at WAHC


Sunday, June 18

51 Stuart St., Hamilton, ON

($35 door/$28 students, seniors and advance purchase)



Nate Wooley trumpet

Nuanced, dense solo trumpet improvisations by master player… Nate Wooley has often been cited as being a part of an international revolution in improvised trumpet. Along with Peter Evans and Greg Kelley, Wooley is considered one of the leading lights of the American movement to redefine the physical boundaries of the horn, as well as demolishing the way trumpet is perceived in a historical context still overshadowed by Louis Armstrong. A combination of vocalization, extreme extended technique, noise and drone aesthetics, amplification and feedback, and compositional rigor has led one reviewer to call his solo recordings “exquisitely hostile”.

Wooley has been gathering international acclaim for his idiosyncratic trumpet language. Time Out New York has called him “an iconoclastic trumpeter”, and Downbeat’s Jazz Musician of the Year, Dave Douglas has said, “Nate Wooley is one of the most interesting and unusual trumpet players living today, and that is without hyperbole”.


1:35 pmAD HOC #4
Surprise improv group

2:00 pm: CERAMIX (Toronto)
Chiho Tokita pottery
Germaine Liu composition
Tomasz Krakowiak percussion
Joe Sorbara percussion
Mark Zurawinski percussion

CeramiX is a new collaboration directed by composer Germaine Liu and ceramic artist Chiho Tokita exploring music and ceramics. Chiho has created a collection of objects and Germaine is creating object-specific compositions. The performance will include some new ceramic and other non-ceramic compositions created by Germaine. The pieces will be performed by creative collaborators of this project Tomasz Krakowiak, Joe Sorbara and Mark Zurawinski.


2:35 pm: AD HOC #5
Surprise improv group


3:00 pm: PERCH HEN BROCK & RAIN (Amsterdam/Brooklyn)
Ab Baars tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi
Ig Henneman viola
Ingrid Laubrock tenor saxophone
Tom Rainey drums

Improvising Trans-Atlantic all-star quartet …viola, reeds, percussion! Each member is conscious of their own weight and power to add to the communal conversation, understanding silence and restraint can be as powerful a contribution to the whole as density. Ingrid Laubrock and Tom Rainey represent the best of the New York scene while Ab Baars and Ig Henneman are key members of the idiosyncratic Dutch improvised music community. Either duo showcases the kind of telepathic interplay that comes from years of dedicated playing. Together, the wealth of experience allows limitless possibilities.

“Perch Hen Brock & Rain creates a wide textural palette due to the clever deployment of resources, with the tough little string instrument often playing a strikingly aggressive role as a percussive engine that fires away tirelessly while the horns engage in intricate dialogue. True to its name, the group also produces a spectrum of sounds that vividly evokes nature and the animal kingdom, above all in the shrill, stark bird calls of the tenor saxophones and clarinet and the undergrowth rustlings of the drum kit, which Rainey works with consummate dexterity.”
-Kevin Le Gendre Jazzwise
Wels Music Unlimited 2014

“4 master improvisers … in a set full of passion, wisdom, imagination and elegance, the third and last night of Wels Music Unlimited 2014”
-Eyal Hareuveni Nov 9 2014

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3:50 pm: AD HOC #6
Surprise improv group

Photo by Petra Cvelbar

Joe Morris banjouke
William Parker sintir, ghimbri, reeds
Hamid Drake drums, percussion
Ken Vandermark reeds
Kent Kessler bass

What can you say about the first time merging of two of the super-powers, two of the strongest working groups in free jazz & improvised music, with one of the finest percussionists anywhere as their common anchor….?! After experiencing both groups in various situations over the weekend, to be followed by a DKV Trio set later Sunday eve, this final performance at WAHC will be a very exciting world premiere event not to be missed!

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