Feb 8 –> Watch It Burn! #2: CCMC + (F)NOR + Homonymy



New Composite Arts Series


February 8, 2020

(2 pm)

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Opening for

1947 — 1962 


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Art Gallery of Hamilton

123 King St. West
Hamilton, ON

FREE Admission

Zula Music & Arts Collective Hamilton and the Art Gallery of Hamilton have joined forces to celebrate the opening for a retrospective of a multi-faceted Canadian artist, beloved national treasure, “Early Snow: Michael Snow 1947-1962 ” at the AGH. Under the guise of the second edition of Zula’s Watch It Burn!, a composite arts series, Toronto’s CCMC (a quartet that includes Snow on piano) and Hamilton’s (F)NOR will offer performances and including a screening of Homonymy throughout the afternoon of Saturday, February 8, 2020 at AGH Pavilion(123 King St. W., Hamilton).

Music: CCMC

A national treasure, ‘a composing ensemble’ and free music institution, CCMC (Canadian Creative Music Collective) with founding member, pianist/ keyboardist Michael Snow, vocalist Paul Dutton (1989), alto-saxophonist John Oswald (1994), who have been the core CCMC trio, following several personnel shifts since the group was founded in 1974. Percussionist John Kamevaar has been a recurring core member since 1981.

Masters in their collective field (and in their respective individual fields), CCMC remains at the forefront of creative music, particularly “free improvisation”, combining Dutton’s soundsinging and harmonica, Oswald’s saxophone and Snow’s piano and synthesizer with John Kamevaar’s propulsive presence. Their music features individual virtuosity and collective creativity in the spontaneous invention of shifting tapestries of texture and timbre, with process taking precedence and form evolving organically.

Performance: (F)NOR

UNDERCUT is part of a series of ongoing improvisational performance works by (F)NOR. The series aims to exaggerate formal elements of visual art; to rupture the canon of historical and contemporary representation of subject, picture plane, illusion and the collapse of space.

(F)NOR are interested in the natural and urban landscape, architecture and their bodies in it. As feminists they are provocative – their gaze is confrontational. Their projects respond to the material around them to create site-specific works involving performance, drawing, sculpture, installation, “For No Other Reason.”


This moving word sequence was created by John Oswald as part of a commission for a conducted composition for ten musicians by the SMCQ ensemble of Montreal in 1998. It has been played live many times. This version features a studio recording of the music. The piece is a musical homage to Michael Snow’s great silent film So Is This.

This event was made possible with kind support from Canada Council for the Arts.